Identity, Space,
City Council

Maker’s Space

City Council


Design a brand identity and environment for the ‘Makers’ Space’ event, held during the European Championship Festival 2018. The challenge was to position the event in the creative world, create a memorable experience, work with an existing space, and enhance the experience for both makers and visitors.

Development Work


We developed the brand identity around the concept of ‘Thinking with Material,’ using a fresh and surprising photographic approach to avoid clichéd craft visuals. The chosen typeface, Faro Happy, balanced the eccentric photography while maintaining a distinctive look.

We worked with Glasgow life to resource and plan the space, and guide for the installation of the various maker’s stations and signage.


The ‘Makers’ Space’ event was a resounding success, attracting over 2000 attendees and filling the stalls throughout both days. The eye-catching and attractive environment design, coupled with the unique brand identity, effectively positioned the event within the creative world and provided a memorable experience for all participants.

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