Here to help engage, inspire and playfully challenge you and your audience.

What is Arecibo’s purpose?

To instil curiosity, openness, creativity and integrity in the world.

Our values drive everything we do, they inform who we work with, lead to effective creative work and help to build authentic and engaging brands.

Who does it work with?

Arecibo primarily works with clients across culture and creative. However, the uniting thread between all our clients is not sector but attitude.

We gravitate towards people who are trying to challenge the way things are done, create new things for good and open people’s minds to new experiences. 



  1. Winner of Corporate Identity – ScotPulse,
    Scottish Creative Awards 2016.
  2. Bronze in Brand Strategy – ScotPulse,
    Marketing Star Awards 2017.
  3. Highly commended – TV & Cinema Campaign –ScotPulse,
    Scottish Creative Awards 2016.
  4. Nominated – ScotPulse, Scottish Design Awards 2017


  1. Visuelle
  2. Aiga – Eye On Design’s socials
  3. httpsters


  1. ‘A Day Out’ at The Lighthouse. Scotland’s national centre for design and architecture
  2. Re:Ply skateboards. ‘Re:deckorate‘, ‘Re:deckorate x SkatePal’ and ‘For Cop’s Sake


  1. Mentor and workshop leader at the Graphic Design Festival of Scotland: 2014, 15 and 16.
  2. Speaker at Unknown Errors

Who works here?

Arecibo is the design practice of Creative Director Graham Anderson, previous founder of ‘A Day Out’ design studio.

Graham’s creative approach and values are highly influenced by his immersion in the subculture of skateboarding. He is informed by its strong sense of community and its inclusive/exclusive nature, bringing authenticity and insight to client’s branding and design work. 

Let’s chat

Where are you and where do you want to be?

Why the name, Arecibo?

A strange alien structure nestled in the lush Puerto Rican landscape, the Arecibo Telescope, scoured the universe for 50 years and transmitted Carl Sagan’s pictographic messages to the cosmos.

Led by a love of science fiction it felt right for an explorative design practice. (Although Glasgow doesn’t get the weather)