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A Day Out

Design Studio


A Day Out was the art direction and graphic design studio I started with my colleague in 2017. We needed a brand which would attract adventurous and open-minded clients, express our values and to stand out from other design studios taking a minimal approach.

Working with cultural organisations, makers, thinkers and doers, we aspired to get these impassioned people and their audience talking.


The name ‘A Day Out’, was phonetically upbeat with connotations to exploration and school field trips, a break from the norm but still rooted to the everyday.

Visually the colourful amorphic shapes, taking their lead from artists like Ellsworth Kelly, were inherently playful, paired with typography which alluded to our explorative nature. It was used across all of our marketing and client facing communication. If we could put a blob on it, we did.


We made big strides really quickly, gaining a lot of publicity and new clients. We got featured on various design blogs and our brand positioned us exactly where we wanted to be, it helped us to work on the projects and with the people we wanted to. Including collaborating with Dress For The Weather, architecture studio and projects for Scotlands Modern Art Gallery. After the studio’s close we had an offer to buy the brand.